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We are left in awe by the generosity a tree. We feed on its fruits and take shelter beneath its branches. We breathe the oxygen it provides. We use its timber for our houses, and its lumber for our furniture. Through us, the tree lives on. 

Each tree springs from a tiny, little sapling. Many of these former saplings have emerged as colossal giants, still standing today. We gaze in reverence of these trees, which have witnessed the entirety of modern man throughout their rooted life.
We believe that every tree has its own destiny to be fulfilled through our efforts. We give trees the chance to become eternalized. 

At Appalachian Slab Co., the sawing of logs is a profound task. As in cutting a diamond, each cut requires many precise judgements. Uncovering the natural beauty hidden within a tree is a pure spectacle. 

Beginning humbly in 2016, our woodpile has grown to encompass nearly every species located in the southern Appalachian region of America. We treasure the discards from land clearing and logs otherwise destined for decomposition or an ill-desired fate. What many consider debris, we transform into beautiful lumber from which we handcraft our pieces. 

In a world where manual skills are often shunned from the limelight, we believe in them. We are sawyers. We are woodworkers. We are craftspeople. We take pride in craftsmanship.

Our mission is to create truly unique pieces, many which will last a lifetime. 

Born out of pure desire and stick-with-it-ness to provide quality hardwood lumber and furniture, Appalachian Slab Co. serves a community of woodworkers and wood lovers who we call friends. Come join us and our philosophy.


Photo sourced from Nakashima Woodworkers

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